Core Services Of Agricultural Greenhouse Breeding
The custom-made plan of greenhouse can be personalized design and custom-made according to the needs and actual conditions of customers.

1.Main frame: It is composed of columns and beams. The size of the height and the support method in the length direction are customized according to the clients' requirements.

2.The light transmission roof and middle partition are customized according to clients’ requirements: including the thickness of the roof load-bearing layer, the width and thickness of the heat insulation layer, the material selection and design of the film and sunshade net, etc.

3.Choose the wall materials and construction (thickness, structural color, height, windows, drainage system and irrigation system) according to clients’ requirements.

4.Customize the drainage system according to the clients’ requirements, choose different materials and size, such as thickness, size, height, water circulation application.

5.Matching equipment: For example, the automatic control system can monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, etc., and automatically regulate the environment of the greenhouse according to the requirements of different crops. In addition, automatic irrigation and fertilization systems can be set up to ensure the supply of water and nutrients to crops.

6.Customize various reasonable and efficient control systems, including greenhouse temperature and humidity environment, irrigation, ventilation systems, etc.

During the customization process, reasonable design and arrangements need to be made based on specific needs such as the climate conditions, geographical location, plant growth needs, and economic status of the region. In addition, in order to achieve good eco-friendliness, the greenhouse needs to be built with environmentally friendly materials and equipped with a natural ventilation system to achieve good ventilation effects and reduce the breeding of pests and germs. At the same time, the temperature, humidity and other parameters in the greenhouse can also be adjusted at any time through remote monitoring.

The types of greenhouse hydroponics include as the followings:

1.Nutrient solution hydroponics: Use nutrient solution to provide the nutrients needed for plant growth. It is suitable for growing various vegetables, fruits, etc.

2.Aeroponics: Spray nutrient solution onto the root system of plants through spraying. It is suitable for growing plants that require higher oxygen and humidity requirements.

3.DWC: uses deeper nutrient solution to provide plants with sufficient nutrients and oxygen. It is suitable for growing large plants or plants that require more nutrients.

4.FCH: Floating plates are used to suspend plants in nutrient solution, which is suitable for growing plants that require higher oxygen and humidity requirements.

5.Vertical hydroponics: The vertical hydroponics planting method is used to plant plants in multi-layer containers, which is suitable for planting plants that require high space utilization.

These varieties can be selected and adjusted according to different plant needs for efficient planting and management.

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